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  • On someone else’s blog ( I found a link to Gimme Your Stuff. Sounds fun! I’m from the north of Portugal, and I can offer:
    • snack foods
    • Postcards
    • Handmade crafts
    • Home decor magazines
    • books
    • local magazines or newspapers
    • Candy
    • Craft Supplies
    • Teas
    • other stuff from north Portugal
    • I can sent you what ever you want from Portugal, and My crafts if you like it
    My crafts are in this blog:
  •  What I’d like:
    • Craft Supplies: Something that I can use to make crafts – as wool, textile, beads (glass, wood, seeds, something typical from your country) what ever you think that I can use o make crafts.
    • Craft s
    • any decorative item unique to a particular area
    • fashion, craft, and home decor magazines
    • Candy
    • Cultural stuff that represents your country

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